Collector's Edition Paintings

The Collector's Edition by Cheryl Kaldahl include a collection of Mood Palette Paintings™ that also include a song (musical track) created by the colors used in the painting scientifically translated into musical notes and tones for an accurate and unique musical interpretation of the painting. These musical tones follow the mood of the painting as well, scientifically, thus creating a Mood Palette Soundtrack™.


Collector's Edition Paintings


Collector's Edition Name Plaque


Collector's Edition Details:

  • 14" x 18" gallery wrap canvas
  • Detailed description of the meaning of the colors used in the painting.
  • Framed in a black wooden frame ready to hang
  • Each frame is adorned with a custom Collector's Edition name plaque.
  • Music CD containing the painting's Mood Palette Soundtrack™
  • Care Instructions
  • Certificate of Authenticity


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