Paintings with Music

Cheryl's fusion of color and music offers various artistic products, including paintings, music, scarves, tops, handbags, and more.

Scientists have researched brainwaves, sound wave frequencies, music, and colors and discovered their effects on the human brain. Cheryl has developed her unique approach to producing a new sensory experience using this information.

Her artwork combines color, music, and neuroscience-based data. Each painting is designed to evoke a specific mood or emotion, with a corresponding musical soundtrack. Cheryl's creative process involves selecting a mood or feeling and preparing her painter's palette with pigment to match her selection. She then prepares a separate surface as her manuscript paper for the soundtrack creation. After each brush stroke on the canvas, she makes a mark on the manuscript paper to ensure the musical notes correspond with the colors of the painting.

Cheryl has also created a line of designer fashion using her original 2-dimensional paintings, allowing individuals to experience the artwork through their personal fashion preferences.  CLICK HERE to view her collection.

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