Cheryl Kaldahl creates Botanical Imagery Paintings which are produced by integrating items found in nature with the paint medium used to help develop the subject matter or focal point of the painting.  Layers of botanical pieces, paper, household and industrial elements, combined with watercolor paint are placed on the painting surface and allowed to dry.  This process, which can last several days per layer, may be repeated 4-5 more times for every painting.

Each botanical item is hand selected and harvested to best support the creation of the subject matter of the painting.  Typically, a minimum of seven botanical items are used during each layering process and vary based on their shape, texture, and dimension of the painting.  By the time a painting is complete, as many as 50 or more botanical and selected elements may have been used during the layering process.

As an additional element to these paintings, she's created her own original musical composition (based on her research of scientific data, mood enhanced color palettes, and neuroscience) to help convey the painting's message.  When the painting is then viewed and one is simultaneously listening to the "music of the painting", the music, color and imagery can be combined for a more powerful and enhanced emotional and spiritual experience for its audience.

If you like to tour historic mansions and are interested in paintings, ceramics, sculptures, architecture, and antique furniture, then you won’t want to miss visiting the Haan Museum of Indiana Art in Lafayette, Indiana.  After viewing one of Cheryl’s Botanical Imagery Paintings in their permanent collection, be sure to stroll through their outdoor Sculpture Garden where over 20 sculptures by Indiana artists are placed along a wheelchair accessible path.

If you’re going to be outside, be sure to dress appropriately.  Cheryl has spread her artistic wings into a signature line of clothing featuring her artwork.  You’ll find something for any season.  Not in the market for a new scarf?  What about a new handbag, phone case, or home goods item?  CLICK HERE to take a peek at her entire collection online where her artwork has been taken off the walls and transformed into useable and wearable pieces. 

When Cheryl’s not putting her Family Herbalist certification to work by creating her own blend of herbal teas or composing music for one of her paintings she’s attending workshops by some of the most highly respected artists in the country.  She’s even received private lessons for both oil and watercolor.  Honoring her father’s artistic lineage by combining his innovative faux painting techniques with her unique gifts, Cheryl has paved a path for a new type of artistic expression.

Cheryl’s art has been featured in numerous exhibitions, collaborations, featured artist events, juried shows, art fairs and globally along with its reproduction in the fashion industry.  She has recorded four music CD’s, made national television and radio guest musical appearances, and her music has been used in documentaries and commercials nationwide. 

Born in northern Indiana, Cheryl grew up on a farm filled with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, animals, and all the usual sights, sounds, and smells of a working farm.  She now lives in the city of Lafayette, Indiana, but is happy to still be surrounded by a nature inspired backyard and a few of her favorite things from when she was growing up on the farm… like chickens.  She offers workshops throughout the year enjoying the opportunity of being able to share her gifts with others, along with a few dozen fresh eggs from time to time.