Cheryl Kaldahl offers individuals the opportunity to not only see her 2-dimensional artwork, but also to hear and wear it.

Cheryl has a background in music and classical piano performance that began in her early childhood. As a teen, she was composing her own music, performing and competing. It wasn’t until her late twenties that she shifted her creativity to painting and picked up a palette and brush. With a strong passion for both music and art, she began to research ways that she could bring the two art forms together.
Her Mood Palette Expressions™ are 2-dimensional paintings combined with music, used to produce an artistic experience designed for a particular mood or emotion, based on her research of scientific data, mood enhanced color palettes, and neuroscience.  Each Mood Palette Expression™ is created for specific purposes and demonstrate how music, color and imagery can be used simultaneously for a more powerful and enhanced emotional and spiritual experience for its audience.
Adding another layer to her Mood Palette Expressions™, Cheryl has created a signature line of designer fashion created from her original 2-dimensional paintings. This provides the opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the artistic experience by not only seeing the artwork and hearing its musical soundtrack, but also radiating it through their own personal fashion style.